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Yamamori has been supplying fine chains to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Japan, South East Asia, North America, UK and other European country. Our customer base number is over 10,000 companies and shops including most of the Japanese major wholesalers for over 50 years.

In 1991, Yamamori opened a factory in Surabaya, Indonesia with the aim of transferring the same high skills and quality from our Japanese factory for more competitive pricing

Head Office & Factory
Yamamori Co., Ltd.
1-3-63 Kamiakae-machi
Toyama 930-0816, Japan

Phone: 81-(76)-432-5907
Fax: 81-(76)-432-0077
Sales Office
Yamamori USA Inc.
501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2104 New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: 1-(212)-213-1120
PT. Yamamori Indonesia
Jl. Sedati, Ds. Ketajen Kec. Gedangan
Sidoarjo 61254, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Phone: 62-(31)-891-1419
Fax: 62-(31)-891-1410
Regional Sales Contact
ประเทศไทย (คุณอรียาภรณ์ ภูมะลิวัลย์): contact-thailand-14@yamamori.com
香港 (李羨): contact-hongkong-14@yamamori.com
Other areas (William A. Graham): contact-will-13@yamamori.com

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